“After watching my niece fight for her life for seven years and then losing her at age 24 to heroin, I can tell you this play is absolutely true to life. It captures the feelings of the addict and the family members honestly and deeply. ‘Addicted’ is a must­-see for every high schooler.”
-Barbara Ford, Retired school psychologist

“The play, which exposes the heart­wrenching impact of addiction and overdose, is a potent tool in our efforts to stop local youth from ever trying drugs and alcohol.”
-Joe Ryan, Administrator, Office of Drug Control Policy under Harford County Executive Barry Glassman

“’Addicted’ is a powerful play. It’s heartbreaking, tragic, effective and moving. It is the most important theatrical work I have ever been a part of. To see such a powerful, educational, piece, artfully directed and created with the intent to educate and save lives is overwhelming. The impact it has had on my students is absolutely moving. Bravo!”
-Nancy Green, High School Drama Teacher

“Great show. As a recovering addict, the feelings and situations were very relatable, especially to my mother’s view about me. Eye opener to younger kids and parents who are unfamiliar with addiction and AA.”
-Audience Member

“This was a great play, very informative and put drugs in a total different way in my mind. From a 12 year old’s perspective that was a play that closed the thought and would make me never ever use drugs. An absolutely amazing play for everyone.”
-Audience Member

“Wow, fantastic production. Brings it home with our children. Powerful message, should be required to watch in all high schools. Great job.”
-Audience Member

“This was a very moving performance and hits close to home for me. I have a family member who is an addict and this portrayal is spot on. It was heart wrenching to see the family and friends suffer not being able to fix the problems. Thank you for presenting this to our children and community.”
-Audience Member

“The most powerful presentation I’ve ever seen! Growing up around alcohol abusers, I have seen and experienced much…and I’m proud to say I am a survivor. The actors are spot on. You are to be commended!”
-Audience Member

“As someone who works with youth as well as growing up in alcoholic home, this powerful drama touches upon so much truth. It is well done and realistic and believable.”
-Audience Member

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