About the play

Addicted tells the story of three young adults who struggle with a variety of addictions including alcohol, heroin, and prescription pain pills. The play not only gives the audience an inside look into the struggle and hardship of the individual who is addicted, but also sheds light on the devastating impact to one’s friends and family members. Addicted reveals the current trends and dangerous practices that teens and young adults today are engaging in, in an effort to bring awareness to parents and their children. The play can be used as an educational tool and platform for engaging in meaningful dialogue with those that we care about regarding the dangers of drug and alcohol use and addiction.

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Addicted has been highlighted in the ABC News special, “A Community in Crisis.” It has also been featured in the Baltimore Sun as well as the Aegis Papers.

About the writer

Christle Henzel is the writer and director of Addicted and practices as a school psychologist and licensed therapist at the Mindset Center in Maryland. Christle wrote Addicted several years ago in an effort to promote drug and alcohol awareness. She drew from her own family experiences with addiction and researched those of others in order to create the characters and their stories. She is extremely honored to work on such an important cause, and hopes that this work will inspire others to engage in conversations about addiction and bring awareness and education to parents and their children. It is also her hope that Addicted gives courage to those who need it in order to seek help.

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.” -Unknown Author

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