Hold a performance

Addicted is a powerful tool and platform for engaging in meaningful dialogue with those that we care about regarding the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction– especially with our youth.  The play has been performed at high schools and community churches and continues to grow each year.

We invite you to hold a performance at your local school, church, or theatre.

What we need in order to perform Addicted at your venue:


Addicted is performed through a series of monologues.  The stage is bare, except for 3 armless chairs and a screen that sits behind the actors. The screen will need to have the capacity to project a series of video and audio throughout the play. Other props needed for the play include a door that can open and a mattress. The entire play can be performed using only these items.

All Addicted cast members deliver their monologues to the audience and all scene changes are defined by lights, music, and or a film on screen. All support actors’ monologues take place behind, in front of or besides the character spoken about. At this time I do not have a traveling tech crew, therefore your venue would need to provide a crew that can run lights and sound for our performance.

Due to mature content and the nature of the play, it is advised that audience members be at least 13 years of age to view.

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